Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - All Videos

Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - All Videos

The Festival of Manufacturing Excellence aims to help business leaders redefine their roles and enable organisations to build the future around their people.
Moving from complexity to simplicity is at the heart of our 2020 conference: how to achieve it and the benefits it brings.
In this video library you can access over 8 hours of compelling content from across our 2-day conference including keynote speeches, presentations and workshops covering four themes: Leadership Excellence, Enterprise Excellence, Innovation Excellence and Best Practice Excellence.

Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - All Videos

27 Videos

  • Keynote - Adam Buckley - Behind the Fads, Buzzwords and Bullsh*t,

    Adam Buckley has held many senior roles in manufacturing across his long and illustrious career – but few have been traditional.
    During his time in the industry, Adam has worked on various multi-million-pound transformation programmes, playing a pivotal role in bringing about crucial change in or...

  • Keynote - Brendan Hall - Round the world Yacht Race Winning Skipper

    In 2009, Brendan skippered a yacht in the ultimate long-distance challenge, The Clipper Round the World Yacht race - a 35,000-mile circumnavigation of the globe, contested by amateur crews in identical racing yachts.

    Although Brendan was the youngest and least experienced skipper in the race, he...

  • Keynote - Josh Valman - World Leader in Rapid Innovation & Manufacturing

    Josh Valman is a world leader in rapid innovation and manufacturing. He is the founder and CEO of RPD International, the consultancy powering more than 100 corporate R&D departments around the world. He brings a wide industry perspective of rapid product development, from telcos and consumer ...

  • Keynote - Julie Deane - The Cambridge Satchel Company

    Julie Deane started The Cambridge Satchel Company with £600 from her kitchen and in under 5 years developed the business to a £40 million global enterprise. Delegates will hear the key milestones that she has identified along the way that made this happen – from having a clear purpose, market dis...

  • Keynote - Jamil Qureshi - Performance Coach and Psychologist

    Learn how we change our own behaviours and the behaviours of others to achieve an improved outcome. How can we create levels of accountability for ourselves and the people we work with? How we can break outside the mental tramlines that we all work under, to create a purpose and meaning to what w...

  • Masterclass - Westinghouse Springfields - Ken Jones

    Hear how the deployment of an operational excellence framework has improved engagement and ownership through the business which has help to deliver results that are transforming the business and helping to get ahead of the competition.
    Our Lean Learning Academy is a key enabler for developing Ent...

  • Masterclass - Jabil - Roisin MaCentee and Kevin Heffernan

    Speakers: Roisin MaCentee and Kevin Heffernan
    Hear how we achieved a step change in engagement and common understanding across all employees of our site vision and purpose.
    Development of a clear site alignment on our aspirations, focus areas and goals.
    Greater appreciation and awareness of the S...

  • Workshop - Steve Nicoll - Measure What Matters

    As part of this workshop Steve will challenge you to consider the effectiveness of your current measurement system by rethinking not only what you measure but how.

    Why is measurement so powerful and how does it reflect your purpose as an organisation?
    How successful is your current measurement s...

  • Masterclass - GSK Ware - Iain Lees

    Speaker: Iain Lees

    The GSK Ware manufacturing site will share their experience of delivering digital transformation in a pharmaceutical factory over the last two and half years.
    Why is it important for the site?
    Where have they succeeded?
    What challenges have they faced?
    What have they learned?

  • Masterclass - GSK Barnard Castle - Daran Sadler

    Speaker: Daran Sadler
    How the deployment of leader standard work helped us shift from a demoralising fire-fighting culture to a continuous improvement mindset and the results it delivered.
    One of the key factors we have identified to drive improvement in our performance is shifting the mindset an...

  • Masterclass - AG Barr - Trevor Newman and Alex Wilson

    Speakers: Trevor Newman and Alex Wilson
    We operate in data rich environments today – but having the data and using the data are very different things. Learn how the correct deployment of scorecards and daily management guarantees results.
    AG Barr are a UK based branded consumer goods business foc...

  • Masterclass - Westinghouse Springfields - Brian Nixon

    Speaker: Brian Nixon
    Throughout its history Springfields has witnessed many changes and been managed and operated by a number of different organisations and is currently owned by Westinghouse Electric Company. Westinghouse is the world’s leading supplier of safe and innovative nuclear technology....

  • Masterclass - IFM - Dr Nicky Athanassopoulou

    New and emerging technologies present huge opportunities for businesses. But how can companies identify and capitalise on these opportunities, and ensure that they deliver both business benefits and customer value?
    In this presentation Nicky will provide insights from the latest thinking and rese...

  • Masterclass - Glenmorangie -Kerryanne Joyce

    Accepting that different ages and personalities have different views and working with each other to share knowledge through the generations makes for an interesting workplace of continual growth. By creating the right culture through listening and understanding people will flourish.
    Speaker: Kerr...

  • Workshop - Get Everyone on the Same Page - George Donaldson

    The best leaders and leadership teams understand that alignment is the most important factor towards achieving business goals and successful business transformations. They understand that misalignment creates confusion, frustration, mistrust and disengagement throughout the entire enterprise. Con...

  • Workshop - Appreciate the Work - Julian Winn

    Being appreciated is a fundamental human need. Recognising and appreciating people for positive contributions to the business can be clearly shown to drive up people engagement, create a positive culture and deliver improved business results.

    Senior management often undervalue recognition and st...

  • Workshop - Help People Grow - Steve Nicoll

    During his workshop Steve discusses how you can't ''make'' people be developed in the same way you can’t make people be engaged. You must create an environment that encourages and allows them to be curious, creative and want to learn. Steve will invite you to explore various concepts that support...

  • Workshop - Be Human, Be You - George Donaldson

    During this workshop George will explore how the following dimensions can help you become an effective leader;

    Clearly understanding the difference between Management and how leaders work on the system and not in it.
    Changing your leadership paradigms using the See – Do – Get Model
    Using Maslow’...

  • Workshop - Have a Plan - Hugh Samson

    A senior business consultant with a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and M&E sectors, Hugh is a professional manager with an outstanding track record in business improvement and training. Hugh is a graduate in chemical engineering, has postgraduate qualifications in business administ...

  • Bonus Content - Q&A Day 2

    Facilitated by Adam Buckley (The Manufacturing Institute) and featuring panel members Sarah Black-Smith & Carl German (Siemens), Dr Nicky Athanassoupoulou (IFM), Iain Lees (GSK) and Trevor Newman (AG Barr).

  • Bonus Content - Q&A Day 1

    Facilitated by Adam Buckley (The Manufacturing Institute) and featuring panel members Ken Jones from Westinghouse Springfields, Arnoud De Jonge from Abbott Nutrition and TMI leadership and enterprise excellence coach George Donaldson.

  • Bonus Content - Adam Buckley - The Generation Game

    In this presentation Adam Buckley looks at the challenges caused by changing demographics of the workforce. We are at a point in time where we have a broad representation of four generations within our workforces. Each generation brings something uniquely valuable to the workforce but their diffe...

  • Bonus Content - Adam Buckley - The True Essence of Leadership

    In this presentation Adam Buckley discusses what makes a great leader. Due to the rate and complexity of change in today’s world we have no choice than to run faster just to stand still. The days of ‘We have to work smarter not harder’, or more recently, ‘We have to do more with less’ have gone, ...

  • Bonus Content - Adam Buckley - Cult or Culture

    Today’s popular mantra across industry is that you need to create the right culture to succeed and that culture is literally everything. Creating culture means developing a working environment based upon a set of behavioural standards. Almost everyone agrees that a strong company culture is essen...

  • Masterclass - Abbott Nutrition - Arnoud De Jonge

    Speakers: Arnoud de Jonge

    A culture of excellence is fantastic to achieve! Abbott Nutrition has been rewarded with 4 Shingo medallions in four plants in four different countries. Do you like to understand how they achieved this and what they do to sustain this? The answers lie in influencing beh...

  • Masterclass - BAE Smart Factory - George Schofield

    Hear about the lessons learned from transforming a site steeped in history to a state of the art Smart Factory – the technologies and techniques deployed and what it means to BAE Systems and their customers.

    The small arms ammunition plant in Radway Green, Cheshire, has supplied vital munitions ...

  • Masterclass - Siemens - Sarah Black-Smith and Carl German

    Speakers: Sarah Black-Smith and Carl German

    How we achieved a step change in productivity through innovation.
    Our success is built upon our amazing culture of Ownership and making sure our People are at the heart of everything we do.
    Building on our Lean heritage and avoiding the mistake of digi...

  • Download the whitepaper - Behind the Fads, Buzzwords and the Proverbial

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