Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - Workshops

Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - Workshops

Hear from The Manufacturing Institutes expert delivery team through a series of 6 workshops, taking you through the main themes from the Festival of Manufacturing Excellence whitepaper “Behind the fads, buzzwords and bulls!@t” and showing you how you can transform your business from complexity to simplicity by Getting Everyone On The Same Page, Having a Plan, Measuring What Matters, Being Human, Being You, Appreciating the Work and Helping People Grow.

** Please note** Each video in this series covers the same material in the opening section. Following the introduction please skip ahead 2-3 min to start the unique content for each presentation.

Festival of Manufacturing Excellence - Workshops

6 Videos

  • Workshop - Have a Plan - Hugh Samson

    A senior business consultant with a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and M&E sectors, Hugh is a professional manager with an outstanding track record in business improvement and training. Hugh is a graduate in chemical engineering, has postgraduate qualifications in business administ...

  • Workshop - Help People Grow - Steve Nicoll

    During his workshop Steve discusses how you can't ''make'' people be developed in the same way you can’t make people be engaged. You must create an environment that encourages and allows them to be curious, creative and want to learn. Steve will invite you to explore various concepts that support...

  • Workshop - Appreciate the Work - Julian Winn

    Being appreciated is a fundamental human need. Recognising and appreciating people for positive contributions to the business can be clearly shown to drive up people engagement, create a positive culture and deliver improved business results.

    Senior management often undervalue recognition and st...

  • Workshop - Be Human, Be You - George Donaldson

    During this workshop George will explore how the following dimensions can help you become an effective leader;

    Clearly understanding the difference between Management and how leaders work on the system and not in it.
    Changing your leadership paradigms using the See – Do – Get Model
    Using Maslow’...

  • Workshop - Get Everyone on the Same Page - George Donaldson

    The best leaders and leadership teams understand that alignment is the most important factor towards achieving business goals and successful business transformations. They understand that misalignment creates confusion, frustration, mistrust and disengagement throughout the entire enterprise. Con...

  • Workshop - Steve Nicoll - Measure What Matters

    As part of this workshop Steve will challenge you to consider the effectiveness of your current measurement system by rethinking not only what you measure but how.

    Why is measurement so powerful and how does it reflect your purpose as an organisation?
    How successful is your current measurement s...